Boudoir photography in the style of fine art from photographer Oksana Fedorova reflects the natural feminine beauty, showing tenderness and depth of soul. The inspiration idea of ​​photography was desire to express the true admiration for femininity and grace. This is a shoot about love, about female beginning and self-expression.

In order to emphasize the romanticism and subtle feminine beauty, we chose mostly pastel shades in the decor. White walls filled the room with natural light and gave decorator Mari Shato an empty canvas to create own vision. Spring flowers, light palette and greenery brought freshness to this shoot. We kept the minimum, in accordance with the aesthetics of the venue, allowing the main object - the flower-milk bath to take center stage.

Botanical prints in the style of boho-luxe and black lace, added a hint of elegance, while preserving the purity and lightness. Nude lace and chic black, the perfect combination of timeless and fashion.